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Building appeal

Work has commenced to create excellent facilities for all users of our Centre. Please donate whatever you can today.

Purchase of former Magnet Building

On the 6th of December Masjid-e-Ali purchased the former magnet building located on Beechwood Road in Luton.  The total purchase price is £935,000.  Taking into account the £500,000 that was raised during the Drill Hall campaign, we must raise a further £435,000 in order to complete the purchase.

Our deadline for raising these funds is the 6th of January.  With your help and support Inshallah we will achieve the target.

Drill Hall Background

In 2010 Masjid-e-Ali attempted to purchase the former recreation centre in High Town (Luton), commonly known as Drill Hall.  As we were about to complete on the purchase, Luton Borough Council decided to review it's asset disposal policy apparently due to a rule change from Central Government.

There was also at the time a concerted campaign by an extremist racist group to suspend the sale of the site and instead use it for housing.  Following the review Luton Borough Council decided to not sell the Drill Hall site to Masjid-e-Ali.

Masjid-e-Ali entered into a period of discussions with Luton Borough Council to identify alternative sites.  However - we were unable to agree on a site that would be suitable for the needs of our community.

12 Moor Street Knockdown & Rebuild

Following the failed attempt to purchase Drill Hall and a lack of alternative suitable buildings in the area, Masjid-e-Ali (with consent from the community) decided that the best course of action will be to knock down our current building at 12 Moor St to build a purpose built facility.  As we completed our paperwork to apply for planning permission, we came to know that the former Magnet Building on Beechwood Road had come back up for sale.  

The Trustees and EC agreed unanimously that we should attempt to purchase that building as it best meets the needs of our community.  Alhamdulillah on the 6th of December that wish became a reality.

The need

Masjid-e-Ali serves a community of around 250-300 households in Luton.


Special General Meeting with local community was held at Masjid-e-Ali on 27th May 2012 to review the mishandling by Luton Borough Council of the sale of Drill Hall. Following is the summary of the meeting:

September 2010 when Luton Shia community decided to bid for the new building Drill Hall. A perfect and biggest ever project for our community, Huge complex with scope to turn into revenue generated community centre to accommodate most needs of present and future.  Extensive efforts went in, to achieve the target money £1.5 Million.  The entire community worked day and night on this project like a family.  With the help of Donations and Qarz e Hasana we reached our target and were about to exchange contracts when council suspended the sale of the drill hall due to pressure from an extremist white supremacist organisation.

Reason given to us and media was that it had to review its asset disposal strategy after new policy guidance from Whitehall.  Masjid-e-Ali Executive Committee formed a team of experts to fight for the case, December 2011 when council announced that members of the councils executive decided that the site should be used for housing.  In the press release council again made another mendacious statement and said it will take all reasonable steps to help the Masjid-e-Ali currently based in Moor Street, find alternative sites, In last 6 months we saw a very little evidence of support from the council.

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