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NADRA Mobile Registration

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NADRA Mobile Registration service is being provided by Pakistan High Commission at Masjid-e-Ali premises.

Please note the following:

  • All applicants MUST be present in person in order for their application to be processed - It is not possible for an application to be completed without the applicants presence
  • Masjid-e-Ali volunteers will provide general assistance but the actual NICOP card applications, picture taking etc. will all be completed by NADRA staff
  • Masjid-e-Ali is not responsible for the outcome of any application.  You are responsible for ensuring that you have all the relevant documentation with you and if there are any issues with your application these must be resolved with NADRA/Pakistan High Commission directly
  • Masjid-e-Ali does not receive any portion of the fee charged by NADRA and nor do we make any additional charges for the use of this service
  • Only individuals that have an appointment slot will be able to benefit from this service - Please note however that we (Masjid-e-Ali) offer no guarantee that NADRA will be able to deal with your application within the allocated time
  • Please note that NADRA charges an additional £10 on top of the fees when applications are made at mobile registration clinics
  • Payment must be in cash - fees are shown at the bottom of this page

Notes regarding the Sessions:

  • Please ensure you arrive at your appointment slot promptly and with all requested original documents (plus photocopies of each document).
  • Please provide your appointment reference number and name to our volunteer who will then provide a ticket to you to indicate your place in the queue - your place in the queue will be on a first come first serve basis (you will not be given a ticket if you arrive without appointment or at the wrong appointment slot).
  • When it is your turn, you will need to sit with one of the NADRA employees and provide the relevant information, documents and photocopies.
  • Once all of your data has been entered into NADRA systems, you will then be given a printout of the data to confirm that the information is correct
  • Once you have confirmed that your data is correct you will need to have your picture and thumb-print taken - this will be done by one of the NADRA employees
  • This is the end of the process and you will need to wait for your card to arrive in the post (per NADRA timescales).
  • Please note that if you arrive at the wrong appointment, you will NOT be given a ticket to queue and you will have to wait until the end to see if there's any availability for your application to be processed.
  • Please note:  Afternoon sessions are expected to be extremely busy - please ensure you arrive as close to 2PM as possible.  You can help speed things up by having all of your documentation and photocopies to hand

Masjid-e-Ali volunteers are there to help you - please cooperate with them fully.  Please note that we are unable to change appointments at this stage as both days are now fully booked.  

If you are interested in benefiting from a future session please provide your details to a volunteer and we'll ensure that you're notified as soon as we have confirmation of a future session.

Document requirements (please note that this information is from the Pakistan High Commission website; Masjid-e-Ali is not responsible for this content) - details are at

New NICOP Card (for individuals that have never had a NICOP or CNIC card):

This type of SNICOP application is suitable for applicants previously having no registration with NADRA Database in the form of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) OR Child Registration Certificate (CRC). Applicants applying first time for registration in NADRA Database may apply under this category.

Required Documents

  1. Possession of following documents:
  2. Original Manual Pakistani Passport
  3. Old NIC (Manual ID card / Shanakhti Card /  )
  4. Full birth certificate mentioning father/mother names (mandatory for Foreign / British born applicants and optional for applicants meeting criteria of Para -1.
  5. CNIC/NICOP card of Father and Mother.
  6. Valid Pakistani Passport with valid visa or valid Foreign Passport (Mandatory for all applicants).
  7. Nikah Nama / Marriage paper only for married applicants (optional for above 45 years age applicants).
  8. Divorce paper / Death certificate of spouse in case of marital status Divorced / Widow.
  9. Photocopies of all supporting documents. (NADRA team will not be able to process the application without photocopies of all required supporting documents).


CNIC/NICOP or its 13 digit number of Father / Mother or above 18 years real Brother / Sister or Son / Daughter is required as reference to make a family link.

Renewal of NICOP

Applicant who held the NICOP or Computerized ID Card (CNIC) which is expired and want to renew / extend the validity of NICOP may apply under this category.

Required Documents

  1. Original NICOP / CNIC.
  2. Valid Pakistani Passport or valid Foreign Passport


CNIC/NICOP or its 13 digit number of Father / Mother or above 18 years real Brother / Sister or Son / Daughter is required as reference to make a family link.


NICOP will be issued with same particulars as mentioned in CNIC or CRC existing data.

Lost / Duplicate NICOP

Applicant who has lost his/her issued NICOP may apply under this category. Please note that duplicate NICOP will be issued with the same particulars as of the lost ones.

Required Documents

  1. Lost NICOP copy or it's 13 Digit number
  2. Valid Pakistani Passport or valid Foreign Passport


CNIC/NICOP or its 13 digit number of Father / Mother or above 18 years real Brother / Sister or Son / Daughter is required as reference to make a family link.


Fees and processing times

Please add an extra £10 to below fees as NADRA charges an additional £10 for applications that are made at Mobile Registration clinics:

NADRA Cards' Fees* and Processing Time
Smart NICOP Fee

Application Type


Delivery Time

New Smart NICOP

£57 (£67)

30 Working Days

Smart NICOP Modification / Duplicate Card

£61 (£71)

30 Working Days

Cancellation of NICOP / NIC / CNIC

£78 (£88)

Approximately 3 months

New Smart NICOP (Executive Service)

£74 (£84)

15 Working Days

Smart NICOP Modification / Duplicate Card (Executive Service)

£114 (£124)

15 Working Days



  1. All Fees mentioned above include £2.00 bank surcharge per application being charged for consular services at Pakistan High Commission in London and its Consulates in other cities.
  2. An additional £10 charge will apply on above-mentioned fees on all NICOP/POC applications submitted during NADRA Mobile Registration Team’s Visits.
  3. Above-mentioned delivery times are estimated and are only applicable for applications submitted via NRCs. The delivery time for Manual (form based) applications or applications received via MRTs is approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

Our Resident Alim

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Maulana Ghulam Hurr Shabbiri    

Hujatul Islam Maulana Ghulam Hurr Shabbiri was born in 1962 in District Jehlum, Punjab, Pakistan. He completed his metric education in Federal high school Mangla.
In 1979, the year of Islamic revolution he entered in Darul uloom-e-Mohammadya Sargodah for religious studies and he studied there for 3 years where he completed his basic Arabic and Islamic studies courses.
In 1982, he moved to Islamic seminary of Hawza Ilmyah-e-Qom, Iran for higher religious studies where he studied for 10 years until 1992 under the great scholars such as Ayatullah Nasir Muakarim Shirazi,Ayatullah Jawadi Amali,Ayatullah Subhani,Ayatullah Mishkini Ayatullah Muzaheri & Ayatullah Hussaini Bushehri.
In 1992, he came to the UK for Tabligh and worked in various religious centers,taught in Hawzahs Jamia-tul-Qaim, Imam Hussain Institute and was a resident scholar in Leeds and Wolverhampton.
In 2005, with the invitation of Islamic Education center of Houston Texas North America, he migrated to the US and has been supervising that center as a resident alim and representative of Aytullah-al Udmah Syed Ali Khamenie, may Allah swt prolong his life. He had also been supervising Al Hadi (full time) high school and Sunday School, teaching Hawzah classes and all other religious activities.
He has worked as a chairman of Muslim Congress, a religious organisation of North America for 5 years. He lived and served there for last 10 years until 2015.

For Tabligh, Maulana has visited most European countries, USA and Canada. Maulana's extensive experience as a resident alim and religious education background will InshaAllah be beneficial for our community.

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