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Building appeal

Work has commenced to create excellent facilities for all users of our Centre. Please donate whatever you can today.

Thank you

Alhamdulillah; at 16:50 on Thursday 24th of January Masjid-e-Ali completed on the purchase of our new building.  This has been a remarkable achievement and would not have been possible without the generous donations from the Luton community, from around the UK and further afield.

We have been humbled by the support and donations we received wherever we went.  Insha-Allah we will publish full details regarding the amount collected in donations and the Qarz-e-Hasana we've had to rely on in order to achieve completion.  

There is much more to come and lots to do, so please do continue to visit the Masjid-e-Ali website for further updates.  We thank you once more for your support.


New Building Update

All paper work in place with our solicitor, Inshallah completion is expected on Monday 21st Jan. Please remember however that all Qarz-e-Hasana must be paid back soon - therefore fundraising efforts must continue.

We will provide a breakdown of Qarz-e-Hasana and donations soon after completion.

JazakAllah for your support

What's next?

Masha-Allah the community put in a mammoth fundraising effort.  Every single member of our community stepped up to be counted.  The youngsters of the community held weekly fundraising food stalls amongst other activities.  The sisters held fundraising sales of clothes and household items, donated their jewellery and travelled far and wide to collect funds.

Ali Askari and Aamer Nazir cycled all the way up to Scotland, raising more than £50,000 in the process.  Brothers and elders didn't disappoint through their generous donations.  

Let's not forget the amazing donations that have come in from all over the UK and beyond.  We've had fantastic support from other centres who through their generosity allowed us to make appeals for funds during their events.

The communities up and down the country and have truly come together in an effort to help us achieve our target for the purchase of the new building.

We are now in our emergency collection week.  Our payment has to be made to the vendor on the 16th of January.  The fundraising effort must continue at full speed.  We mustn't stop as every penny that we continue to raise will make our task easier.

We will provide a final target figure in the next few hours.  In the meantime we are also putting plans in place for Qarz-e-Hasana so that we can complete the purchase of the building.  Please remember however that all Qarz-e-Hasana must be paid back soon - therefore we mustn't get complacent.  We must re-iterate that the fundraising effort must continue at full speed.

How to Donate


Making your payment online is quick, easy and secure.  Simply click the Donate Online button.  You will be taken to PayPal for your payment to be processed.  You can use this option even if you don't have a PayPal account.  You card details will not be passed to us.  We will however see your name, address and your donation info.  This information will be stored in our donor management database.

Bank Transfer

You can make a payment direct into the Masjid-e-Ali building fund account by using your banks online or telephone banking service or by visiting a branch.  Our account details are as follows:

Account name: Masjid-e-Ali
Sort Code: 20-53-30
Account Number: 83479242

When making your payment using this method please ensure you include your initials, surname, house number and post code in the payment reference to enable us to send you an acknowledgement.  E.g. ASHAH17LU19XX.  If this doesn't fit as the reference then please include your full phone number as the reference.

International Bank Transfer

If you would like to donate to us from outside the UK you can send payment to our account with the following details:

Account name: Masjid-e-Ali
Swift Code: BARC GB22
IBAN: GB28 BARC 20533083479242
Branch: Barclays Bank, 28 George Street, Luton, Beds, LU1 2AE, United Kingdom

SMS Donations

We can accept donations of £2, £5 or £10 via SMS.  To donate via SMS, please send a text message to 70070.  You can donate £2, £5 or £10 via SMS.  E.g. If you wish to donate £10, then the message would be written as:

FIVE14 £10

or if you wish to donate £2, then it will be:

FIVE14 £2

We get the full donation, i.e. the mobile networks do not deduct any commission from these donations.  You will however be charged the price of a standard SMS (in addition to the donation amount) if your mobile tariff does not include free text messages.

Direct to our collectors

Active individuals from the community have been granted authorisation to collect for the Building fund.  Authorised collectors have been given receipt books and must provide you a receipt for your donation.  If in any doubt please contact us on 07432 621997 to confirm the identity of a collector.

Donation of valuable items

You can help this fundraising effort through the donation of valuable items such as Jewellery, gadgets etc.  These items can then be sold by Masjid-e-Ali or placed into fundraising auctions, raffles etc.  If you are donating anything of value please ensure that all details are properly recorded on the "Valuable items form" and a receipt is issued to you.

Set up a fundraising event

We are now on  It's a great place for you to set up an appeal/activity page to raise funds for Masjid-e-Ali from your family, friends and colleagues.


6th of Jan - Yes we can!

Our campaign has really picked up pace over the last couple of weeks but there's still so much more to do.  We have until the 6th of January to raise £435,000.  The total raised (correct at 20th Dec) is £89,625.  We have another £345,375 to raise by the 6th of January.

We have no time to lose and need everyone in the local community who hasn't yet contributed to the building fund to pay their contribution urgently.

We are also now pushing the campaign nationwide and seeking assistance from all of the communities around the UK.  Representatives from Masjid-e-Ali will be visiting Imambargahs and Masajid over the next 2 weeks seeking your generous donations!

This will take a mammoth effort from everyone but insha-Allah we will achieve our target and realise our dream of a multi-purpose building fit for the needs of our community.

Magnet is ours (Insha-Allah)

We have 6 weeks to achieve something truly remarkable

More than 3 years ago Masjid-e-Ali attempted a purchase of the former Magnet warehouse/showroom on Beechwood Road for a price in the region of £3 million pounds.    That attempt soon lost momentum due to various technicalities that meant the site was never actually sold.  

We then turned our attention to the Drill Hall recreation centre in High Town.  The community tried it's very best but alas the Council put brakes on the sale just as we were on the verge of completion.  That was apparently due to a rule change by Central Government but we also know there was considerable pressure on the Council from the EDL.

Since that time we have been exploring various options; chief amongst them being the knock down and rebuild option for 12 Moor Street.  Indeed the community agreed that this will be the best course of action.  In the last few days just as we were putting our finishing touches to the planning application for 12 Moor Street, we came to know that the former Magnet site had come back up for sale - to be sold at auction.

The Trustees and EC agreed unanimously to go to the auction with a view to purchasing the Magnet building.  Alhamdulillah on the 6th of December at 16:45 and 32 seconds as the auctioneers hammer landed for the 3rd and final time Masjid-e-Ali had purchased the Magnet building for £865,000.  Yes, brothers and sisters, this is a historic achievement - a building that Inshallah will be sufficient for generations to come and will give our community all of the facilities that we have desired.

The challenge

We have paid a 10% deposit and now have 6 weeks to complete the remainder of the payment.  We may have to make a VAT related payment in the region of £70,000 thus making the total amount £935,000.  Taking into account the £500,000 that we raised when we were attempting to purchase Drill Hall, our initial target is to raise an additional £435,000.  This target must be raised by the 6th of January in order for us to complete the purchase of the Magnet building.

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