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Name: Al-Hasan

Father: Ali ibn Abi Talib A.S

Born: 15th Ramadan 3 A.H

Died: 28th Safar 50 A.H

Burried: Madina Al-Muawarrah

Imam Hasan Mujtaba A.S was the second Imam. It is reported by a group (of authorities ), including Ahmed b.Salih. al-Tamimi on the authority of Abd Allah b.Isa, on the authority of Jafar al-Sadiq b.Muhammad, A.S

Al-Hasan A.S was the most similar person to the Apostle of GOD, may GOD bless him and his family, in the form, manner and nobility.

Imam Hasan's ethics are excellent examples for current society. 

Mohammad b.Ishaq said: After Allah's apostle s.a.w no one had as high social position as Al-Hasan A.S had. 

When the Commander of the faithful A.S died, Imam Hasan A.S addressed the people. He reminded them of his right (to authority). The people answered back No one is more loved by us nor has anyone more right to succession. They rushed forward to pledge alliance to him as successor. That was on the eleventh of the month of Ramadan in the year 40 A.H. Then he assigned administrative and governor positions.

This situation became a challenge for Mu'awiya b.Abu Sufyan.

At this time muslim society assumed a peculiar form. Their strength had been divided almost evenly, and if Imam Hasan A.S had continued fighting against Mu'awiya neither of the two parties could expect victory without severe bloodshed. The result of such fighting would have been disastrous for the Muslims. Hence, Imam Hasan A.S faced with a situation in which he had no alternative but to come to terms with Mu'awiya and prevent senseless bloodshed. 

Hence Imam Hasan A.S retired from the caliphate and thus safeguarded the blood of Muslims and strength of Islam.

Mu'awiya agreed to following treaty written by Imam Hasan A.S:

1. That Mu'awiya should rule strictly to the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet s.a.w
2. That Mu'awiya should not appoint or nominate anyone to the Khilafat after him but that the choice should be left to the Muslims.
3. That the people should be left in peace, whenever they are in the land of GOD.
4. That the persecution of the companions of Imam Ali A.S should immediately be stopped, their lives and properties and families guaranteed safe conduct and peace.
5.That the cursing of Imam Ali A.S from the pulpit should stop immediately.
6. That no harm should be done secretly or openly against Imam Hasan A.S and his brother Imam Hussain A.S or any Ahlulbayt A.S

History tells us that from day one Mu'awiya did not comply with any of the terms of the treaty agreed upon between him and Imam Hasan A.S which lead to the sacrifice of Imam Hussain A.S in karbala.

Imam Hasan's A.S time was one of the most difficult times faced by Ahlulbayt A.S. On 28th Safar 50 A.H Jodah bint Asash (wife of Imam Hasan A.S) poisoned Imam Hasan A.S. He was buried in the graveyard of Baqi in Medina. GOD and Prophet's s.a.w blessings be upon him his pure soul.




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